Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hudson - 14 Months, Sofia - 3 1/2

My kids are both getting SOOO big!! I cannot believe how fast time is flying by! Sofia is so much fun and absolutely hillarious. She keeps me laughing for a majority of the day! Here are some things she is doing these days... ~Can count to 20 most days. ~Can write her name without looking at it. ~Can identify most letters. ~Knows the sounds some letters make. ~Is very excited to go to pre-school in the fall with her cousin! ~Just finished her first year of Cubbies and loved it! She is soooo good at learning Bible Verses! I'm so proud of her. ~LOVES going to church! A couple weeks ago, we were in the church lobby talking to Stephen's parents and Sofia stated that she "needs to get to her Sunday School class so she can learn more about Jesus" ~Thinks that the letter "m" is named McDonalds! (oops:) ~TALKS, TALKS, and Talks. When she's not talking, she's singing! ~Adores her little brother and her daddy. ~Loves playing outside on her dora bike. ~Loves being with her cousins and her friends! ~Really loves jumping on trampolines! Sofia is still the sweetest, most tender-hearted little girl! Before every meal, she prays for Carol, Bree (a little girl from our church who was just diagnosed with leukemia) Baby Raylan, Mike and Ana in Kenya and The Hiles in Ohio. Hudson is 14 months old and I have no clue where the time has gone! Here is what Hudson is up to this month... ~He is WALKING! He starting walking on April 27. He took his first steps and the next day he took a few more. Now he's pretty much choosing to walk whenever he can. He can stand up for a REALLY long time now too! ~Doesn't really say any words yet. He says dada, mama, nana, and that's about it. ~He loves playing with balls and really all of his toys. He drives around his truck and makes the sound of a truck running. ~He loves putting things into other things. He also is just starting to stack his star rings. ~He is only taking one nap, usually from 3-5. He goes to sleep at 8 at night and wakes up usually around 8. ~He loves milk! He also loves bananas, bread and other bread like foods, hot dogs, grilled cheese, cheese, yogurt, and fruit. He is a VERY picky eater and depending on the mood he's in he'll eat different foods. ~He waves bye bye and claps like crazy now. When he's walking, he'll get so excited and stop and clap and say YAYA. It is so adorable! ~He is sooo sweet and cuddly now. He is a completely different baby than he was just a few months ago. He is so happy and just loves to play with his big sister!